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Yes, you can use these in your mod pack ;-)

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OpenEye is (mostly) a developer tool, that collects mods usage and crash reports. It also delivers notifications (created by mod authors) to clients.

Visit the OpenEye website and download


Mods below don't have official 1.7 release yet (outrageous!). Though we have working OpenBlocks snapshots (yay)! We are just too lazy to polish it.

OpenPeripheral Core

This is an add-on for ComputerCraft which can convert many blocks from all different mods into ComputerCraft peripherals. OpenPeripheral Core isn't required on the client unless you decide to also use OpenPeripheral Addons. Requires OpenModsLib 0.5 and ComputerCraft 1.58 or ComputerCraft 1.63.

0.4.1 for CC 1.58 » 0.4.1 for CC 1.63 » Changelog

OpenPeripheral Addons

This addons pack extends the OpenPeripheral core with Terminal Glasses, PIMs, Peripheral Proxies and more. To install the addons mod you'll need OpenPeripheral core installed on the clients as well as the server. Requires OpenPeripheral Core 0.4.0.

0.1.5 for CC 1.58 » 0.1.5 for CC 1.63 » Changelog


OpenBlocks introduces a range of random ideas into minecraft. There is no theme. Some of it is rather silly! Requires OpenModsLib 0.5.

Download OpenBlocks 1.2.9 » Changelog


This is required for all of our mods.

Download OpenModsLib 0.5.1 » Changelog


This mod is an optional client-side mod that'll allow users to listen to mp3 and aac streams from the OpenBlocks radio. Don't worry - if the user doesn't have this mod installed, they simpily won't hear the stream.

Download NotEnoughCodecs 0.1